John Michael Ferrari Records, Performs, Interviews in Nashville

January – February 2020

John Michael Ferrari and Pepper Jay shout out to Center Stage Magazine, Nashville, and thank you for the interview Tommy Lemon and Missy Lemon!

Center Stage Magazine interview took place at Dark Horse Studios in Franklin, TN. Absolutely beautiful part of the country and the studios are extremely “high end”!

Most exciting to perform at the WIC, Broadstone Arena, Nashville, with long time friend, the Ambassador of Nashville, David Andersen.

John Michael Ferrari performs to a full house at The Scoreboard and at Music City Bar & Grill, Nashville, TN, with the Gary Sadker Band.

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Thank you to all of the Ferrari Fans who gathered from Florida and Tennessee to join John Michael Ferrari sing his originals with the Gary Sadker Band at The Scoreboard and Music City Bar & Grill in Nashville.

Extremely honored to perform with Brandi MaClaren at Alley Taps, Printer’s Alley, Downtown Nashville. Fun!

And thank you Brandi for introducing us to your parents!

Thank you attorney Norman Gillis for taking care of all of our music legal needs.

Pepper Jay produces and John Michael Ferrari records “Be the Smile on Your Face” album at Larry Beaird Studios, Nashville. A+ Experience!

Pictures, alone, cannot express the amazingly wonderful experience John Michael Ferrari had recording his “Be the Smile on Your Face” album at Larry Beaird Studios in Nashville. Every aspect, from scheduling, charting, recording, Larry Beaird made it a point to follow Pepper Jay’s and John Michael Ferrari’s visions for the songs. “Be the Smile on Your Face” scheduled for release June 15, 2020. Check out advanced single, “So Beautiful”:

John Michael Ferrari performed 3 Living Room Concerts while in Nashville area!

Nashville Living Room Concert John Michael Ferrari and guitarist Dylan Bodley and special guest Maggie Perry!

Murfreesboro Living Room Concert.

John Michael Ferrari and Tarryn Amie Smith perform at a Juliette Living Room Concert (the evening before the Tornado). With guests Lain Tomlison and Maggie Perry.

Very much enjoyed performing as a single at Belcourt Taps in Nashville. A real singer songwriter venue.

John Michael Ferrari and Pepper Jay caught up with several friends while in Nashville.

John Michael Ferrari and Pepper Jay even found an evening to square dance!

Thank you for your hospitality: Barn Lofters, Nashville, TN

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