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John Michael Ferrari, Pepper Jay, & Cappy Records Nominated for Several IMN 2023 Awards.  Much obliged if you would throw our song “One Heck of a Girl” a vote on either their Mainstream Chart or Country Chart!   🙂

2024 Single “Let’s Runaway” – artist: Sophie Love
Check out the debut release “Let’s Runaway” on YouTube from Sophie Love! This is her FIRST! This catchy bluesy tune was written by Sophie Love, John Michael Ferrari, & Pepper Jay, and produced by Pepper Jay Productions. Give it a listen, show some love with a like and subscribe, and share with your friends. Thank you!
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2024 Album “I Keep Dreaming” 


John Michael Ferrari – “Outstanding Radio Artist” by Nashville Music Awards 2023.

Crossover country pop “Who’s That Girl?” crushing radio charts internationally, including #1 for 3 weeks on Independent  Music  Network’s Country  Music  and Mainstream Radio  Charts.  12/23.   #6 on UK Ignition Country Radio Contest.  12/23.   #6 most popular on Trend City Radio 2023.   Artwork by  David  Andersen, Music City’s Ambassador.  Take  a listen  here.

 “Who’s That Girl?” also voted #3 Best Song of the Year 2023″ out of 55,000 songs submitted to Museboat Live Channel. 

Workin’ My Way to Nashville” country tune co-written by John Michael Ferrari, Pepper Jay, & Ray Ligon, sung by Ray Ligon.   Named “Outstanding  Country  Single” by Nashville  Music  Awards  2023  & awarded “Songwriter of the Year 50+” by the Kentucky Country Music Association 2023.  Up for contention at the North American Country Music Festival in March 2024. Take a listen here.



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John Michael Ferrari is a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International

and  the International Singer-Songwriters Association

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