John Michael Ferrari is incredible. His songs and voice are like cross between Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond and Jackson Browne, with just a dusting of Kenny Rogers.
Harry Hawver May 14, 2020

Johnny as the title says, this is SO BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations on everything you’ve done, you are amazing and truly an inspiration, love you.
Christie Philips May 7, 2020

John Michael Ferrari is a talented, energetic, wonderfully gifted singer/songwriter and I highly recommend taking a look and listen! Can’t wait to catch another show!
Robyn Lynnea Gorkiewicz December 22, 2019

Amazingly talented songwriter,, John Michael Ferrari is also an engaging entertainer singer. Audience LOVES HIM. Sullivan’s Pub, Pahrump!
Bruce Hamburg Sr. April 9, 2019

John’s unique and soulful writing always touches the heart. He is a terrific singer and always puts on a fabulous show!
Christine Harte January 11, 2019

Great working with you John while I was rehearsing for the Marilyn play!
Your a great singer song writer!
Highly recommend you to others in the biz :):)
Erin Gavin November 12, 2018

My family and I enjoy the emotions that John shares through his music, from feelings of love to humor!!!
Stacy Adam DeVoid June 19, 2018

I like it. Reminds me of a smooth jazz/classic record. Also he has a very good & unique clear tone..
Carl J. Carlito June 19, 2018

Highly recommend… Wonderful music
Lori Colburn January 22, 2018

I think John is an excellent song writer! a musical genius although not my genre of music, I had the privilege of sitting in one of his sessions with my daughter and had the pleasure of hearing sing and play some of his originals Wow ! This guy has what it takes to mesmerize you with his lyrics and song. Since then, he’s been a great inspiration for me. I certainly appreciate good music from Mozart to garage punk
bands. The ones that are worthy need praise and John Michael Ferrari certainly is one that should receive honors!!
Anthony Borgia June 23, 2018

Love this new album and music from John Michael Ferrari‘ it sounds great and I can’t wait to share on a reunion weekend coming up on the drive and around the camp fire’ nothing like new music for a road trip!
Lori Purplemonkeys June 21, 2018

Really great songs. As a Viet Nam survivor I found “Dustoff” especially poignant and relevant to me.
Henry Pfiester June 14, 2018

You are so incredibly talented John!!! The album was so wonderful and I truly enjoyed it!!! Thank you so much Pepper for producing it and sharing it 🙂
Love you guys!

Laryssa Brandt June 12, 2018

The earth moved… angels wept… and John Michael Ferrari continues to amaze his adoring fans! What an album! We love you, John–what an incredible talent, phenomenal life, and testament to loving others! And thank you, Pepper, for inspiring and producing! Much Love, Geoff, Esther, Halyna, Phil, and Laryssa
Halyna Donatelli June 11, 2018

Really great songs. As a Viet Nam survivor I found “Dustoff” especially poignant and relevant to me. A good variety of melodic songs with emotional impact.
Joan Easley June 11, 2018

Beautiful and so sincere. I felt like I was sitting around a campfire just listening to this song. Thank you for the way you share yourself so real and honestly in your songs.
John Wright June 10, 2018

Beautiful songs and soothing voice!
Jacques de Groot June 10, 2018

I am a big fan of John Michael Ferrari. He has a wonderful positive personality, sense of humor, terrific musical sense and high quality as a musician, singer and songwriter. And… on top of all that… he is really a fantastic person.
Brian St. August May 23, 2018

Highly recommend Johnny’s show! His songs are touching and bring tears to my eyes and joy to my heart! John, you have a beautiful voice and I never tire of seeing you perform!
Sara Delphine January 3, 2018

Ferrari is gifted with a personable and off-the-wall personality that both entertains and successfully teaches others. He is a pleasure to work with”.
Management: Pepper Jay – Pepper J. Productions
1+ 775-209-2702
or Email

Thank you John Michael Ferrari, official photographer for the Wilshire Bar Association Los Angeles, CA (April 2005)

Rick and I had a great time:)
You are sure an interesting bunch; everyone extraordinary in their own way. We both loved working with you and John Ferrari and look forward to the next session.
Eliza Swensen and Rick Manzano: Actors Models (February 2005)

Pepper and John, you guys are really awesome. I woke up early this morning even after going to bed pretty late because I am so excited about the production.
Ann Marie Crouch gorgeous and had the personality and presence to match.
Rich Skolburg: Singer/Songwriter (September 2004)

I had the great fortune to work on “Hercules in Hollywood”. It was a tremendous educational experience thanks to John Michael Ferrari, Pepper Jay, and the array of on-set talents. John is an artist when it comes to photography and an actors dream as a director. He is insightful, inspirational and, moreover, generous with his knowledge. His sensibilities coupled with that spiritual generosity put him at the top of my list. I’ll work with him anyday!
Anouschka: Singer Songwriter Actor
TheCreativeGirl.com (December 2004)

We have received the pictures!!! They are gorgeus, thanks so much.
Joan Somervell: Model (June 2004)

John Ferrari is an experienced artist whose work consistently maintains a fresh and intriguing quality. His knowledge throughout the entertainment genre is transferred warmly via his talent for communication, and focus on excellence.
Camille LaBry: Actress/Singer/Model (Sept 19, 2003)

Thank you John for your ideas and photography talents! Artistor.com a unique online gift store.

John is one of the most promising photographers of the decade, with a very clear vision of his work. Always learning and open to new ideas and techniques, he manages to find the gold and glimmer of every subject that stands before him. Anyone who is photographed by John, leaves the studio with an entirely different sense of who they can become on the printed page.
Christine Harte: Singer/Songwriter (Aug 2003)

John has been an inspiration to me. His positive attitude, his obvious love for “the work” and his bountiful energy are all beacons of light for me. I love working with him!
Gretchen Weiss, Actress/Singer (Sept 2001)

” John’s warmth and optimism was inspiring.Each session with John I was more impressed with his talent, creativity, and vision. Through his deep understanding of people, he helps you to discover completely new aspects of yourself whether it be through photographs, scenes,or vocals. Working with John was fun, enlightening, and always NEW!”
Carly Oates, Model (Mar 2001)

“John Michael Ferrari is A Survivor In The Spotlight” … and “a respected song performance and acting coach”
Karaoke Scene Magazine (Oct-Nov 1998)

“Amazing. For 30 years I thought I couldn’t sing. John made singing really easy and fun. A great time!”
Thereza Ellis, Actress (April 6, 1998)

“John Ferrari is great and he’s a wonderful teacher, too. He has an extremely nurturing and patient manner about him. I look forward to my weekly coaching sessions.”
Kristine Kelly Actress (March 11, 1998)

“I never liked looking at myself perform. I couldn’t believe how fast my singing performance skills improved with John’s guidance and what he showed me using the video camera. My vocal teachers couldn’t communicate to me what was needed. Dynamic Song Performance works and it’s wonderful. Thank you John”.
Kaylene Peoples singer/musical arranger/director and former Miss California
(February 12, 1998)

“Thank you John Michael, one of the finalist judges in the category ‘Musical Special'”.
National Cable Ace Awards. (Fall 1997)

The Tolucan calls our Johnny Ferrari a crooner with a “smooth as silk” voice. (September 6, 1995)

“Dear John, You are my favorite partner in crime …
I couldn’t have asked for more”.
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Actress, Singer
and now Director
(Summer 1994)

The Los Angeles Times in a full page article entitled, “No Earplugs Required,” reports John Michael is “reminiscent of Sammy Davis Jr or the early Bobby Darin”. (July 9, 1993)