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Award-winning John Michael Ferrari

writes emotional story-telling cross-genre songs with a touches of sophistication and child-like wonder.

PHOTO John Michael Ferrari with guitar a Performing Singer Songwriter John Michael Ferrari

“Be the Smile on Your Face” album (6/15/20)
“Be the Smile on Your Face” album (6/15/20)

John Michael Ferrari’s first album, “My Early Life,” consists of 12 songs John wrote years ago. What genre? A combination of country, pop, and child-like wonder!Sampling of Songs from “My Early Life:”

“Let’s Run Away to Alaska,” based on an unsuccessful pick-up line John delivered to lovely young lady.

“Why’d Momma Lie”, based loosely on a true store of what happens when love never comes.

That’s What You Do, “… no one makes me feel the way you do.!”Breaking Up Inside,”… did what you asked me, risked all I had. Always gave more than I ever got back.”

“Don’t Fall Between the Daylight,”about preventing teen “cutters” from suicide, based loosely after a beautiful female 22 year old friend shared with John that she that was a “cutter” and showed John her stripes.  She used the pain of cutting herself to help her mask the pain of life. Neither John Ferrari nor Pepper Jay had heard of “cutters” before.  Teen suicide prevention … important issue please!

“Brand New River,” remembering a past love.

“When Love Said Good-bye,” moving forward.

“Dustoff” penned by Ferrari in 1966 while serving in the United States Army in Viet Nam.  “Dustoff” is a favorite among Veterans, including the Dustoff Association. 


John Michael Ferrari writes songs about his life experiences and the experiences of others. His music speaks to us; the message or story in the song; things we can relate to. ​ John’s album, “Be the Smile on Your Face,” to be released June 15th, was recorded at Larry Beaird Studios, Nashville. ​ Take a listen to one of the tracks, “So Beautiful.”

John Michael Ferrari
Best Peace Song of the Year
2020 Art 4 Peace Awards
“Like a Rock and Roll Band”!

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John Michael Ferrari
Male Outstanding Singer Songwriter
2019 Fame Award
Producer’s Choice Honors

Ourstanding Male Singer Songwriter 2019.

John Michael Ferrari
Outstanding Male Singer Songwriter

Al Bowman awards John Michael Ferrari 20
Al Bowman awards John Michael Ferrari Outstanding Male Singer Songwriter


Music Producer, Pepper Jay

Born in Los Angeles, California, John Michael Ferrari’s early years were spent in San Francisco, Reno, Vegas, and Carson City.   At 15, a Judge called him incorrigible and, although John Michael didn’t know what that meant, the Judge sentenced him to the Carson City Orphanage.  John Michael joined the Army at 18.   During and after the Vietnam War, John Michael further educated himself, and communicated with others through his song performance and song-writing.   John Michael not only writes music and lyrics but he is an accomplished music arranger. He lives with his music producer of 30 years, Pepper Jay, first in Hollywood, California, and the past 4 years on a ranch in Pahrump, Nevada.  John Michael writes emotional story-telling alt country pop bubble-gum love & cross-genre songs with touches of sophistication and/or child-like wonder.  John Michael Ferrari writes songs about his life experiences.   His first album was, “My Early Life.”  Many of his unpublished songs are presented as suggested arrangements at www.Reverbnation.com/JohnMichaelFerrari “Sentimental Fool I Keep Dreaming.”

After a lifetime of performing other people’s songs, John performs his original songs with The John Michael Ferrari Band.

The John Michael Ferrari Band: Sexy Sticks aka Dr. John Nowins on drums The Professor, aka Dr. David Miller on bass Nomad aka Dr. Bruce Topper on Keys Singer Katie Jensen (pictured) and guitarist Brad Torchin and singer Carol Champney (not pictured).

Please check John’s new Facebook page:  John Michael Ferrari Singer Songwriter

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Trivia: John Michael Ferrari is also the author of “Acting with Your Eyes” and the co-author of “Dynamic Song Performance, The Singer’s Bible.”

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John Michael Ferrari’s musical influences include The Wrecking Crew, Glen Campbell, and Tony Bennett.

John’s music producer for almost 30 years, Pepper Jay, describes John Michael Ferrari’s music as “poetry and stories put to music with unique retro sounds and emotionally piercing lyrics.”