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John Michael Ferrari is a highly acclaimed singer-songwriter and entertainer who loves being on stage. He believes that there are no strangers in the audience and shares his emotional songs about life’s experiences with sophistication and childlike wonder. His latest single, “Music with You,” is all about his audience, and he hopes they can feel the love he has for them through his music. He writes emotional storytelling songs.  He loves what he does. There is no place he’d rather be than on stage.

“There’s never a stranger in the audience.” – John Michael Ferrari

“Thank you to Nashville Music Awards for awarding me “Radio Artist of the Year” 2023.” – John Michael Ferrari

Named Crossover Artist of the Year by New Music Awards, John Michael pens crossover genre soft yacht rock pop country songs, sometimes with jazz, blues, or Motown influences.  He arranges the music how he and his music producer, Pepper Jay, best think communicates the story.   It’s the John Michael Ferrari genre about life’s experiences.  John Michael splits his time between Nashville and on a ranch in Pahrump, Nevada.

John Michael Ferrari on his ranch in Pahrump, Nevada.

John Michael Ferrari has received many awards for his outstanding talent. In 2022 alone, he was named “Performer of the Year” at the eZWay Golden Gala, his song “Masquerading in the Night” won “Best Song Production 2022” at the Museboat Live Channel, and he was honored as the “Outstanding Male Singer-Songwriter 2022” by the Nashville Music Foundation.

Pepper Jay’s exceptional skills as a music producer have earned her recognition. She was named “Outstanding Music Producer of the Year” in 2022 for her work on the album “My Heart Can’t Breathe” by the Producers Choice Honors. The album “Be the Smile on Your Face” also received the honor of “Triple A Album of the Year 2021” from the same award ceremony.

In addition to these achievements, John Michael Ferrari has received numerous other notable accolades. He was named the “Adult Contemporary Breakthrough Artist of the Year 2022” by New Music Weekly and the “Fan Favorite 2022” by the Independent Music Network for his song “My Heart Can’t Breathe.” He also won the United Kingdom Radio contest Ignition Country Radio twice in 2022 and was recognized as the “Rising Star 2021” at the eZWay Magazine Gala. In 2020, his song “Like a Rock n Roll Band” won the “Best Peace Song” at the Hollywood Tribute to the Oscars by Art 4 Peace. Additionally, he was awarded “Singer-Songwriter of the Year 2019” at the Fame Awards.

John Michael Ferrari’s most recent single, “Music With You” 2023 released 5/15/23 is quickly traveling up several country and mainstream radio charts.

Music With You
Crossover Country Pop

The next single to be released 6/8/23 written by John Michael Ferrari and co-written by Pepper Jay and Ray Ligon and sung by Ray Ligon “Workin’ My Way to Nashville.

John Michael Ferrari’s most recent album, “My Heart Can’t Breathe” 2022, has tracks hit #1 and #2 on both country and pop radio charts, including “Masquerading in the Night,” “My Heart Can’t Breathe,” and his love / wedding song, “Paint You a Love Song”.  Recorded at Larry Beaird, Nashville and produced by Pepper Jay.  Please visit the Kudos page to read some of the amazing reviews.

John Michael Ferrari’s second album: “Be the Smile on Your Face” 2020, also recorded at Larry Beaird, Nashville and produced by Pepper Jay. With 12 crossover songs with country pop blues or jazz influence, this album was awarded Triple A Album of the Year 2020″ by the Producers Choice Honors.  Several tunes climbed to the top of country, pop, and Adult Contemporary radio charts including “So Beautiful,” “Somewhere We Could Fall,” “Keep Falling All Over Myself,” and “Be the Smile on Your Face”.

John Michael Ferrari’s first album, “My Early Life,” 1994 with 12 songs John Michael wrote years ago; a combination of country, pop, and flirtation!  Recorded at Pepper Jay Productions studio (except for “When Love Said Good-bye” which was recorded at Vestman Studios, California, with the harmonies of John Vestman.  John Vestman is the co-writer of Brand New RIver.  Album produced by Pepper Jay.

John Michael Ferrari and Pepper Jay are currently working on their fourth album, titled “I Keep Dreaming,” which promises to be another exciting project.

John Michael Ferrari has graced the covers of several magazines, including New Music Weekly, Hollywood Weekly Nashville, and eZWay Magazine, further highlighting his widespread recognition and success.

New Music Weekly John Michael Ferrari
John Michael Ferrari on cover of New Music Weekly

John Michael Ferrari music speaks to us; we can relate to the message or story of the song.

Many of John Michael Ferrari’s unpublished songs are presented as demos and/or suggested arrangements at www.Reverbnation.com/JohnMichaelFerrari 

John Michel Ferrari by David Abbott 2022

Born in Los Angeles, California, John Michael Ferrari’s early years were spent in San Francisco, Reno, Vegas, and Carson City.

Given a guitar at 8 years old but his step father didn’t allow him to play it in the house.   John Michael didn’t know how to hold the guitar since he was ambidextrous.  So he looked to see how Elvis held his guitar and that’s how John Michael decided to play it.

John Michael Ferrari 1962

Pretty much abandoned and abused at home, finally, at 15, a Judge called him incorrigible and, although John Michael didn’t know what that meant, he said “Thank you.”  The Judge sentenced him to the Carson City Orphanage where he felt safe for the first time in his life.   John Michael joined the Army at 18 with a friend.  (His friend didn’t make it back.)   During and after the Vietnam War, John Michael further educated himself, and communicated with others through his song performance and songwriting.

Cover art “Dustoff,” by John Michael Ferrari, in honor of the military helicopter & crew who would swoop in after a fire fight to pick up the wounded & dead.
John Michael Ferrari by Byron Cohen, 1990.

John Michael Ferrari’s Facebook page:  John Michael Ferrari Singer Songwriter

TRACK John Michael Ferrari Singer Songwriter on Bands in Town.

Pepper Jay describes John Michael Ferrari’s music as “poetry and stories put to crossover soft rock music with unique and retro sounds and cutting edge emotionally piercing lyrics.”

Music Producer Pepper Jay


John Michael Ferrari wins Peace Song of the Year at an Oscars Tribute 2020 for “Like a Rock and Roll Band.”


John Michael Ferrari by David Abbott, Nashville 2022



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John Michael Ferrari
Outstanding National Male Singer Songwriter 2022

John Michael Ferrari Crossover Artist of the Year – New Music Awards 2021

John Michael Ferrari Crossover Artist of the Year 2021

John Michael Ferrari
Outstanding Triple A Album
“Be the Smile on Your Face”
Producer’s Choice Honors 2020

John Michael Ferrari
Best Peace Song of the Year
2020 Art 4 Peace Awards
“Like a Rock and Roll Band”!

Best Art 4 Peace Song 2020.jpg

John Michael Ferrari
Male Outstanding Singer Songwriter
2019 Fame Award
Producer’s Choice Honors

Ourstanding Male Singer Songwriter 2019.

John Michael Ferrari
Outstanding Male Singer Songwriter 2019

Al Bowman awards John Michael Ferrari 20
Al Bowman awards John Michael Ferrari Outstanding Male Singer Songwriter

John had a successful lifetime touring performing other people’s songs,

John Michael Ferrari, Al Boyd, Tia Simone, Russell Watts 2000

Today, John performs his original songs as a single or with The John Michael Ferrari Bands in Las Vegas or Nashville or as a duo with his singing partner, Sophie Love.

Duo, John Michael Ferrari and Sophie Love
The John Michael Ferrari Band (2018-2020): Sexy Sticks aka Dr. John Nowins on drums The Professor, aka Dr. David Miller on bass Nomad aka Dr. Bruce Topper on Keys Singer Katie Jensen (pictured) and guitarist Brad Torchin and singer Carol Champney (not pictured).
John Michael Ferrari performing at The Scoreboard, Nashville: John Marcus on bass, Dylan Bodley on guitar, Gary Sadker on keys, Tarryn Amie Smith vocalist, and Chris Austin on drums. Photo by Jeff Fasano.

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 3.49.29 PM.png

John Michael Ferrari’s musical influences include The Wrecking Crew, Glen Campbell, and David Foster.

Trivia: Apart from their musical endeavors, John Michael Ferrari and Pepper Jay are also teachers and authors. They co-authored the book “Dynamic Song Performance, The Singer’s Bible,” which provides valuable insights for aspiring artists. John Michael Ferrari also wrote a book called “Acting with Your Eyes.”

Additionally, John Michael Ferrari served on the SAG-AFTRA nominating committee for TV Show awards in 2022. He was also honored with the “Quilt of Valor” award for his military service in the U.S. Army.

John Michael Ferrari by Byron Cohen 1990


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