John Michael Ferrari performs with The John Michael Ferrari Band in Las Vegas and with The Gary Sadker Band in Nashville, and house bands with sheet music and/or Nashville Charts.

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The John Michael Ferrari Band

Performs the Original Songs of John Michael Ferrari in Southern Nevada
Story-telling alt Country / Indie Rock / Pop / Bubble Gum / Adult Contemporary / Inspirational Originals
50 – 90 Minute Shows of Great Entertainment

John Michael Ferrari Band

  • L-R Nomad on Keys aka Dr. Bruce Topper
  • Vocalist Katie Jensen
  • Sexy Sticks on Drums aka Dr. John Nowins
  • Singer Songwriter Guitarist John Michael Ferrari
  • The Professor on Bass aka Dr. Dave Miller
  • not seen: Brad Torchin Guitarist & Vocalist Carol Champney

Gary Sadker Band
in and around Nashville
with John Michael Ferrari

Gary Sadker Band w John Michael Ferrari.
L-R Dylan Bodley electric guitar
Chris Austin drums
John Michael Ferrari performer
John Marcus bass
Gary Sadker Keys
Tarryn Amie Smith vocalist
The Scoreboard Bar & Grill, Nashville, February 2020

In and Around Nashville John Michael Ferrari performs with the lovely and talented Brandi MacLaren.

Music and Band produced by Pepper Jay John Michael Ferrari Band
Music Producer Pepper Jay