John Michael Ferrari Honored with Male Outstanding Singer Songwriter of the Year 2019

Outstanding Male Singer SongwriterJohn Michael Ferrari writes emotional story-telling songs with touches of sophistication crossing several genres. He creates lyrics and music describing his life experiences and those of others. Fans enjoy John Michael’s songs and appreciate his songwriting talent and with his great song interpretation … there’s nothing like seeing John Michael Ferrari perform in person … a real showman. John’s music producer for almost 30 years, Pepper Jay, describes John’s songs as “relatable emotionally piercing lyrics with memorable unique musical hooks.” Performing singer guitarist John Michael Ferrari is joined on the Club Madrid stage by singers Carol Champney and Katie Jensen and Brad Torchin on bass and John Nowins on drums. His style ranges from touches of light-hearted bubble-gum or heart felt love. Please see sample arrangements of John Michael Ferrari’s work at John Michael Ferrari at

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